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Match Functions (Data tracker KIT)

Stroke tracking

All strokes in a match, from the manual start to the end, are automatically tracked.
Approx. 3-5 million data are tracked per match.

Result output

Permanent output of the current results based on point input. Display of match, set and game scores.

Point entry by means of motion control

Point entry by means of two simple predefined movements.

Winner and unforced error

In addition, Winner and Unforced Error information can be recorded by means of motion control.

Match tiebreak

Support of the Match tiebreak rule for the third set. 

Point correction

The points last recorded can be deleted and newly recorded by means of a corrective function. This enables you to go back in the score point by point.

Audio messages

Audio messages can be recorded at any point in the match; they can later be acoustically reproduced locally on the PC.
This function is also used for recording information on a match (opponent, surface, tournament etc.)

Pause match

Using the pause function, the recording of a match can be paused and resumed again at any time.

Match rules

Choice of various match rules.

Training functions (Data tracker KIT)

Stroke tracking

All strokes of a training unit are automatically tracked.

Training time

Continuous display of the total training duration and length of tag (see tag function).

Tagging of training units

During training, various units can be divided by means of the tag function, e.g. warm-up, baseline training etc.

Audio messages

Audio messages can be recorded at any point in the training; they can later be acoustically reproduced locally on the PC.

Pause training

Using the pause function, the recording of a training session can be paused and resumed again at any time.

Data Transfer (Software Tennis HUB)

Import tracking data

Import of match and training data from the data tracker KIT.

Processing of tracking data

Processing and supplementation of imported match and training units with further information such as name of opponent, place of tournament and category etc.  

Upload tracking data

Upload of the recorded match and training data into the personal user account on the KITRIS server.

Firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade of the data tracker KIT.

Statistics and analysis (Webclient)

Match statistics

Effective visualizations of individual matches at match, set and game level. Valuable information on point statistics, breakball ratio, forehand and backhand frequency, ball-in-the-game duration, service statistics, number of strokes etc.


Depiction of tournament activity with easy-to-read information on matches won/lost, as well as sets, games and points.

Training statistics

Effective visualization of training sessions, if required divided into training sequences such as baseline or service training. Interesting information on active and passive training time, number of strokes, forehand to backhand ratio etc.


Chronological depiction of activities with detailed information such as training frequency, forehand to backhand ratio, focus on match-relevant strokes etc. 

Stroke analysis

Effective visualization of all strokes over time with filtering options based on time, training and tournament, etc.  

Sharing function

Sharing personal match and training data with friends.

Coach module

Access option granted by players to selected coaches who can then view all training and match data. 

(available for coaches - not part of Webclient Standard )

E-coach function

Online feedback tool with extensive functions for comparison of several matches and training units to help the user identify typical victory and defeat patterns. Benchmarking function for cross-reference with players of varying performance levels. 

 Valuable information for players and coaches on the decisive success factors (tactical, mental, technical and physical factors) and for the planning of further training units and tournaments. 

(scheduled for 2018 - not part of Webclient Standard)

Fitness function

Depiction of the calorie consumption and the distance covered in training units and matches. 

(scheduled for 2018)


Various national and international rankings based on the type of tournament, competition level and individual considerations such as breakball ratios, tiebreak efficiency etc. 

(scheduled for 2018)

  • Data tracker KIT
    incl. tennis tracking software
  • 1 wristband
    Flexible textile wristband in the
    colour of your choice. Washable at 40°C 
  • USB charger
    Power adapter with USB port
  • Micro USB cable
    USB A Micro B cable
  • Software Tennis HUB (for download) 
    Software for local installation on the PC
    For data transfer from the data tracker KIT
    For software update on the data tracker KIT
  • Access to Webclient Standard
    Activation code for Web Client Standard
  • Instruction manual (for download) 
    Comprehensive instruction manual


Device with Internet access for data upload and access to Webclient.

PC / Windows

PC with operating system Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10

Apple / OS X

We are currently working on a MAC version for KITRIS Tennis HUB. Now, however, you will need a computer running Windows. If you install Parallels Desktop for Mac or Boot Camp on your Apple device and have a Windows licence, Tennis HUB functions perfectly. If you have any questions, please contact our support:


Data Tracker KIT

CE certified


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Data tracker KIT


54 x 42 x 15mm

40 g

Power supply

Li-Pol battery

Rechargeable via USB


USB 1.1 (HID protocol / USB Micro B plug)

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You will find various video tutorials on how to deal with KITRIS Tennis.


Our video application is available to you in a beta version for download in the Webclient  or on our KITRIS Help site.


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