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KITRIS enhances a tennis school’s daily routine and brings about a pleasant atmosphere. New opportunities for comparison between different target groups (e.g. daily, weekly and monthly ranking of all strikes) or individual presentations of players and trainers on a screen have immediate and motivating influence on everyone involved. Using KITRIS also creates personal identification with a particular tennis school bringing about increased commitment.  


Benefits in keywords

  • Motivation

  • More liveliness and attractiveness in a tennis school’s daily routine

  • Planning of training sessions and control

  • Cross reference

Nutzen für Tennisschulen

For the coaches

Permanent tracking provides the the head coach and the trainers with an overview and control over the entire scope of training and the training contents of the players they train. They can refer to any training diary at any time anywhere. As a result, the training quality can be monitored and a player’s documented development can be discussed in a facts-related way with parents, other trainers or the player himself / herself. 

Cross-references within a target group make it possible to draw conclusions on a player’s training behaviour and to take the necessary measures in good time.  Comprehensive documentation on training sessions and competitions pave the way for professional and successful planning of training sessions and competitions that are attuned to one another. 


KITRIS enhances the degree of independence and responsibility in students. Thanks to the tagging function in the training units, students are encouraged to become more mentally involved and independent in their decision-making. In addition, knowledge of one’s own strikes tracking increases motivation and concentration enabling players to maintain a constantly high training level. The required number of strikes may easily be achieved to appear at the top of a tennis school’s internal ranking. These positive and competitive endeavours have a stimulating effect on a school’s atmosphere and attractiveness. 


That’s how KITRIS Video works


Our video application is available to you in a beta version for download in the Webclient or on our KITRIS Help site.


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