KITRIS supports parents in following their children’s tennis careers from a different viewpoint and gaining a more differentiated and objective perspective of training sessions and competitions. In addition, discussions with trainers and other persons involved may take place in a more subject-related way thanks to the many reference options to actual facts. 

Benefits in keywords

  • More pleasant presence and support
  • Focus on the match and not on data recording
  • Improved post-processing

  • Increased understanding of interrelations

  • Insight into training contents

  • Career planning for children

Nutzen für Eltern von Tennisspielern

in a training session 

KITRIS enables parents to gain insights into their children’s training activities making it possible for them to periodically review if certain adjustments may be required with regard to a child’s career objective. In agreement with the trainer, occurring deviations can therefore be compensated in good time.  

in the match

As we know, parents tend to become very involved in their children’s excitement in matches. The benefit of such well-intentioned support is questionable, however. KITRIS helps parents to distance themselves more easily from emotional exertions knowing that the game can subsequently be analysed in a facts-related way, and thanks to the KITRIS video technology any specific scenes can be watched again any time later.  


That’s how KITRIS Video works


Our video application is available to you in a beta version for download in the Webclient or on our KITRIS Help site.


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