KITRIS supports professionally working coaches in their daily work on and off the court. Comprehensive and gapless training documents provide a coach with clear orientation on training contents, training intensity and training volume. Moreover, KITRIS supports a coach by means of an objective and facts-related match analysis. Thus, training contents with regard to success-relevant factors in the match can be quickly and individually adjusted. Control of medium and long-term performance development is always given. Discussions with parents and other parties concerned will increasingly focus on objective and facts-related issues rather than subjective and emotional perceptions.  


Benefits in keywords

  • More goal-oriented match preparation
  • More objective match post-processing
  • Documentation and control of training sessions
  • Improved preparation of training sessions and matches
  • More effective training
  • More attractive training
  • Facts-based distance coaching
Nutzen für Tennis-Coaches


Coaches obtain comprehensive training documentation and control of all the players they look after. Monthly agreements on target attainments and automatic control thereof enable the focus on results, offer better orientation for the planning of training sessions and increase a player’s motivation, not least thanks to goal-oriented training units. Training sessions can take place in a more structured, more controlled and calmer way, and thus more effectively. 

By means of the KITRIS video technology, sequences of strikes of different players can be simultaneously recorded with two cameras. Subsequently, the desired strikes of any selected player can be played back with very little engineering effort. The cameras can be positioned at any suitable place thus enabling the coach to fully concentrate on the training session without having to worry about camera work. 


If the coach is present at a student’s competition, he / she can fully concentrate on the match and does not have to document the course of a match. 

The automatic analysis of a match provides the coach with many important facts on the match, such as the length of a rally, the minutes of a match including various filter options, serve rates and much more.  

If the coach is not present at the match, he / she can watch the match highlights thanks to the KITRIS video technology. This will only take a few minutes, and any situation the coach might find interesting can be navigated to. 


That’s how KITRIS Video works


Our video application is available to you in a beta version for download in the Webclient or on our KITRIS Help site.


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