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Next Generation
new website in the summer 2018

KITRIS Tennis was the worldwidefirst analysis system certified by International Tennis Federation ITF by applying its new PAT regulation. Since then, KITRIS has developed from a data tracking solution to a comprehensive system for all interests groups in tennis. Sufficient reason for us to present the NEXT GENERATION KITRIS in a new light. 

We are working at high pressure to implement our new Web presence. In July 2018, you will find everything you need to know here. If you have any questions in the mean time, please contact us on . We will be happy to assist you.


Why KITRIS Tennis

KITRIS Tennis is an all-in-one system that offers great advantages to all interests groups. It offers more structure, professionality, transparency, increased motivation and goal-oriented training – therefore, more success and fun playing tennis. 

Nutzen für Tennisspieler

Benefits F0R tennis players

KITRIS exerts positive influence on tennis players in many ways. On the one hand, players get a complete and gapless diary of all their activities on the tennis court, irrespectively of whether it is a training session or a competition. On the other hand, a player is encouraged to play in a more focused and conscious way thanks to immediate feedback and comprehensive opportunities for analysis –this accelerates a player’s learning process and ultimately leads to rapid success. 

No matter what you learn, improvement and success do not only depend on consistent training but even more so on the recognition of your own abilities. 

Nutzen für Tennisspieler

Benefits for coaches

KITRIS supports professionally working coaches in their daily work on and off the court. Comprehensive and gapless training documents provide a coach with clear orientation on training contents, training intensity and training volume. Moreover, KITRIS supports a coach by means of an objective and facts-related match analysis. Thus, training contents with regard to success-relevant factors in the match can be quickly and individually adjusted. Control of medium and long-term performance development is always given. Discussions with parents and other parties concerned will increasingly focus on objective and facts-related issues rather than subjective and emotional perceptions.  

Nutzen für Tennisspieler

Benefits for academies

KITRIS enhances a tennis school’s daily routine and brings about a pleasant atmosphere. New opportunities for comparison between different target groups (e.g. daily, weekly and monthly ranking of all strikes) or individual presentations of players and trainers on a screen have immediate and motivating influence on everyone involved. Using KITRIS also creates personal identification with a particular academy bringing about increased commitment.  

Nutzen für Tennisspieler

Benefits for federations

KITRIS provides national and regional federations with support in surveying[U1]  and fostering the development of talented players in a targeted manner. Important information on tennis players are electronically available at any time, no matter whether they train locally or at a decentralised place, and no matter which academy or coach looks after them. Federation managers receive individual reports on training activities, training quality, performance in competions, and a lot more information, on an everyday basis.


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