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Do I have to wear my KITRIS watch (KIT) on the striking arm?

No, the KITRIS KIT data tracker can be worn on either the striking or non-striking arm. We recommend wearing the KIT on the playing arm, especially in training sessions, since stroke recognition accuracy is greatly enhanced when wearing the KIT on the playing arm.

Can the KITRIS watch be worn over a sweatband?

Yes, the KIT can be worn over a sweat band without any problems. The haptic feedback (vibration) is only slightly reduced.

Can I delete a point during a match after incorrect input?

Yes, deletion of points is possible at all times by deleting one point at a time. If more than one point is deleted in one go, this will negatively impact on the statistics.

How does point entry work?

Point entry works via movement control. The same applies to the recording of direct winners and unforced winners. You can find more about it on our video tutorial.



FAQ's for HUB will follow soon.



FAQ's for Webclient will follow soon.


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Can several players use a KITRIS KIT?

Yes, the KIT is not individualized and can be used by any number of players. To evaluate the data on the Webclient, you need access. You can buy Webclient access separately, it costs CHF 49.00 per user (unlimited uploads, unlimited time). 

Where can I buy the KITRIS Tennis product?

At present, you can buy it online in our Webshop or at our event stand.

ITF Approved

KITRIS TENNIS is the only ITF approved match tracking system worldwide that can be used in official matche.


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